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Creamy Mimosa Cat Carrier Backpack – Best Soft Designer Cat Carrier Bag with Window, Made of Durable and Waterproof Vegan Leather

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The perfect cat carrier backpack for you and your feline companion. Constructed with durable and waterproof vegan leather, this bag offers a stylish and sophisticated way to carry your pet. The Creamy Mimosa Cat Carrier Backpack is ventilated for comfort and structural stability, and includes privacy space to allow you to keep your furry friend close by without worrying about onlookers.

Venturing out in the city or nature revitalizes your fur friend, just as it does for humans. The Creamy Mimosa Cat Carrier  Backpack allows you to travel with your pet in style without sacrificing comfort. Let your fur friend live its best life by taking it out more often!

🐱 For Your Child’s Comfort

  • Ventilation:  The large mesh panels on the two sides and the front window of this cat carrier backpack ensure ample ventilation and cool temperature for your pet.
  • The base is designed with strong structural stability, so your pet can sit, lay down and turn around with ease. The faux sherpa padding provides extra comfort. Pettsup recommends putting a piece of garment with your scent at the bottom of the carrier, so your pet can feel safe and comforted during travels.
  • Material: Many of our customers find the 100% vegan leather material a good middle ground between soft fabric carriers and hard plastic case carriers. The faux leather adds up to the structural stability to minimize cat travel anxiety while providing comfort. It’s also waterproof so that you’re prepared for unexpected weather changes during travel!
  • Size:   This cat carrier backpack has a capacity of 30L (Length: 12.6″ | Width: 9.5″ | Height: 15.4″ ). It can hold up to a 16.5 lbs cat or an 11 lbs small dog comfortably.  *Pettsup tips: The ideal size for a cat carrier is 1.5 times the size of your cat.

large pet carrier dimensions with 30L capacity

pet carrier with ample ventilation and side and front pockets

Pet Carrier with Structural Stability and Vegan Leather

🐈 For Your Child’s Curiosity and Safety

  • The view for your child is important! Your travelling companion can see all the lovely sights through the big front window and the mesh panels of this cat carrier backpack. 
  • The small mesh opening in the front lets your cat peak out and satisfies its curiosity. Buyers also find it easy to feed their fur friend snacks and water with this convenient feature. There’s an inbuilt tether to which you can attach your cat’s harness so that the little fella doesn’t jump out.
  • Privacy Design: New environments could be stressful and intimidating, not only for humans but for cats too. It’s common for cats who are not used to travelling to be anxious and to want to hide. The Creamy Mimosa Cat Carrier Backpack is designed to have enough covered space in the bottom half of the cat carrier backpack, which allows your feline friend some privacy if needed. 

pet carrier with great lookout

pet carrier with front opening and inbuilt tether

pet carrier with privacy design for anxiety

💆‍♀️ Ergonomic Design for Cat Owners

  • Parenting is no easy task. Luckily, the Creamy Mimosa Cat Carrier Backpack is designed with your comfort in mind as well.
  • Weighing 2.4 lbs, this cat carrier backpack is super light for the space and structure it offers.
  • The ergonomic wide shoulder straps reduce shoulder-backpack interface pressure for pet owners. The soft mesh material with breathable padding makes your adventure with your cat easy-breezy. 

pet backpack with ergonomic wide shoulder straps

Customer Reviews

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Very cute! Exactly what I expected!


I don't want to leave a review


Great backpack! Good lookout and the little peekaboo in the front is great for checking in on your kitty while inside.


The carrier is high quality and adorable, it shipped fast and seller was very responsive. I haven't used it yet, still getting her warmed up to the bag, but it seems very durable.


Beautiful backpack at affordable price, very swift delivery. Excellent customer support. Fantastic and reliable service all round, product exactly as described








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