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Cube Robot Cute Litter Box – Better Covered Litter Box with Enclosed Space for Odor Control, Foldable and Small Dog Proof Litter Box


We are sorry that we decided to discontinue the Cube Robot Cute Litter Box.

It was a hard decision for us and we think that’s the right decision. After we launched the litter box, we have received mixed positive and negative feedback from the customers. All the reviews on this page are genuine and we don’t manipulate the reviews (even the “bad” ones). 

We believe a great product should be rated at least 4.5 to be recognized by the majority of pet lovers, but the litter box rating is below our standard. Therefore, we think we should stop selling this product for now and work on the next greater one!

We thank you for being interested in our products.

💨 Dog Proof Enclosed Litter Box with Odor Trapping Filter

Troubled with unpleasant smells even if you clean up the litter as often as possible? This cute litter box will keep your house smelling fresh with its anti-odor filter installed inside the vent. What’s more, the enclosed design also keeps curious dogs out of your cat’s business.

Dog proof enclosed cat litter box with odor trap


💩 Easy Clean-up

The pull-out litter tray and the litter scoop conveniently hanging on the side of the box make cleaning up a breeze.

Pull out litter tray for easy cleaning cat litter


🚪 Double Door Design

The double door design gives your feline companion options. Kittens can get in and out from the front door with ease. Many adult cats like to exit from the top door to reduce the chance of messing their litter around. While cats like choices, you can also close the front exit by sliding the switch upwards and train your cat to exit from the top!

Double door cat litter box flexible enter exit method


💪 Foldable & Sturdy

Moving to a new place? Going on a road trip with your cat? The foldable design makes it a breeze to move and store the cute litter box. The portability does not take away from the sturdiness of the litter box. It is made of polypropylene copolymer and could withstand up to 130 pounds of weight (and still be standing strong).

Foldable cat litter box


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Overall good product

If your cat is not accustomed to an enclosed litter box, I recommend getting them used to it by removing the door altogether. I wish I had done this from the start! Maybe one day we can put the door back in place. I do like the option of having it open one or both ways.

That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

Litter scent free! Soooooo easy to assemble, clean and refill

Good idea, design fails

I loved the box when I first got it. My 2 kittens had no problems although I did have to take the door off to get them to go in. Loved the idea of the drawer but had problems with the box coming apart when I pulled it out. Not very deep so have to add litter frequently. I dont mind that. The real problem was the grate that the cat is supposed to step on when coming out. It fills with litter when they cover. This then gets wet when cat uses the box at the front. Cannot clean that and certainly cannot get the smell out. I had more litter odor than with an uncovered box. I have now trashed this box and replaced it with a more traditional covered box. Hate that it had these design flaws because it really was a nice looking litter box.

Super cute!

So cute, a little tough to put together, doesn’t really snap on well. My cat loves it, but definitely put a mat underneath because it doesn’t fully trap/catch litter on the way out.

Neat, compact, no odor

I like that it is mostly odor free and fairly easy to clean although the tray can be difficult to open

My cat love it!

It’s perfect.

Broken immediately

This initially seemed like a fantastic litter box, but considering how expensive it is it should not be as breakable as it is. My cat broke the lid door immediately, I haven't even put litter in it yet. If you plan to keep it enclosed then don't waste your money.

Efficace et belle!!

J’adore son look moderne et passe-partout! Mais surtout son côté pratique avec le tiroir, le nettoyage est rendu plus plaisant😅 Je recommande à 100%!


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